May Plans, April in Review

I swear, each month this year seems to be going by faster than I can comprehend. It’s going to be May in a couple of minutes. May 2015. I’ll be turning twenty-five in early May, and I am not quite sure that I am mentally prepared for waking up with the knowledge that I have lived a quarter of a century. To me, that’s a long time and I don’t have nearly as many major cool stuff to show for it.

Regardless of my that, April was a pretty okay month. I don’t think that I got nearly as much done writing wise as I had planned (Deadly Premonition Retrospective rest in peace), but I have to attribute that to being busy with school and spending a lot of time away from my house. All good though, because I did sell my first freelance piece halfway through the month. That was a tremendous experience — it was a whirlwind of stress, self-imposed pressure and existential angst. I don’t think the piece is half as good as I had hoped to be, but the response to it seemed pretty great. I guess everyone is their own critic and that’s that.

In a moment of humble braggery, I will saw that seeing Greg Rice of Double Fine tweeting my Psychonauts piece was probably the single most exciting point in my writing career.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. I want May to be more productive than any other month in my entire life. I don’t have much by way of concrete plans for writing at the moment, but I will be sure to update this as the month progresses and new ideas trickle down.

The Witcher 3 (review/features/etc):

  • I’ve been looking forward to The Witcher 3 for a scary long time and knowing that the game is coming out so soon has got me feeling a certain kind of anxious and eager. After spending and hour with it at PAX East, I have the utmost faith that it will be everything that hope it to be.  I put a review request in for the game a couple weeks ago, so I have my fingers crossed that I’ll get lucky with that, but otherwise I will be purchasing it day one and locking myself away for the foreseeable future. I’ll 100% have a review up on Entertainment Buddha. In addition to that, I’m sure that there will be lots more to say about elements of the game, so I (like every other games writer in the world) will probably try to pitch some ideas out regarding the game as they come up.

Make writer friends:

  • How corny does that sound? But seriously, this has been on my mind a lot lately. The more I try to fully invest myself into the games writing spehere, the more I wish that I had a handful of homies I could go to and just like talk about the industry and writing and games and all the other jazz. I have my EB family, of course, and I owe them just about everything, but at the same time, fresh faces and fresh mindsets would be nice. My approach to writing about games has changed a lot in the last year (and month) and with that I want to change my ‘surroundings’, for lack of a better term.
  • Maybe it’s just because I am new at this, maybe it’s just because I have lower self-esteem when I am writing personal blog stuff like this, but I always feel like I’m an outcast within the writing world. I see a lot of the writers I really look up to and see their personal connections to one another and I can’t help but get jealous. I’d like to get to the point where I have that connection with my peers and really have a support system.

Overall improvement:

  • It’s crazy how much stepping back from your work can give you added perspective. I want to make sure I go above and beyond with everything I write that isn’t me complaining to no one like this is as polished as I can possibly make it.
  • As a method of improving, I am going to focus on writing a lot more news copy again. Even though I get sick of it really fast, I think that there is no better way to get better at writing than killing a couple dozen news stories in a month.

Not A Hero:

  • I’m sure I will end up reviewing it at some point this month, but I just want to play the ever loving crap out of that game once it’s out. I’m digging everything about it.
  • I pre-ordered the special edition version because I am a nerd.

Will update later. If you are an actual human who actually read this far, thank you. Really. I’m venting/talking to myself really, but you are kind for joining me on this crazy journey.


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