Post-PAX East Thoughts

Alright, now that I have recovered from the mayhem that was PAX East 2015, I figured that it is time to decompress my random thoughts from the weekend. Because I am in the middle of writing all of my previews from Friday and Saturday, I think it is important to note that these ramblings are my personal reflections and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Entertainment Buddha.

Also, I am at my real job and we close in a half hour, so I don’t plan to edit this. What you see is what you get.

PAX is a pretty great time. It’s stressful, it’s enjoyable and it’s full of interesting people. Growing up and going to a private, all male school, my passion for writing, video games and skateboarding always seemed to flag me as an outsider to my peers. Going to events like PAX East always serves as a tremendous reminder to love what you love and celebrate those things with other like-minded people.

I won’t talk too much about the different games that I spent time with specifically because many of the preview pieces are/will be posted shortly, but I can say that the sheer variety of awesome games one the showroom floor ABSOLUTELY BLEW ME AWAY.

Throughout the weekend, I can honestly say that there wasn’t a moment where I didn’t feel like a member of a gigantic community. Everyone in attendance was there for the same reason — we all fucking love video games. It’s sort of weird to be surrounded by so many people that share your passion, but it’s weirdness in a good way, I can assure you that.

It was great to meet a lot of the people in the industry that I admire. From other writers whose work I idolize, to some of the big YouTube names out there (big ups to Matt from Two Best Friends Play for warning me that all the fucking drinks in the convention center were lukewarm), and all the radical developers I encountered. Talking to these people — the developers in particular — served to keep me inspired. I’ve always written about games, but also harbored an interest in making them as well. Talking to the people making some amazing titles really showed me that if I want to make a game, I should just give it a whirl. There’s never been a better time to get into the industry thanks to the amazing development tools we have access to, and seeing the amazingly creative and innovative titles coming out in the future was a great motivator.

Oh, I met Swery65. I have never attempted to hide my love for everything Swery does, so getting to shake his hand and speak with him was a dream come true. And yes, he is as cool and genuine as I had hoped.

PAX East 2015 reminded me of how truly fortunate I am to be able to write about games every day. I know that I’m by no means a big voice in the industry, but I still try to provide some of the most informative content around. Speaking with developers, hearing their stories, and playing their games at a massive convention like PAX East provided me with a handful of epiphany-like moments, where all I could think was ‘Damn, these guys are talking to ME about their games. I am here to WRITE about these games. This is literally my job right now.’

Despite bungled travel plans and shitty hotel coffee, PAX East was a tremendous experience. As any of the other EB staffers could tell you, I am a pretty hard person to excite, but working through appointments over the weekend left me with the kind of off-the-walls happiness that I would normally try to punch out of people.

It was great putting a face to the EB staffers that I haven’t had the chance to meet. Working remotely means our team is made up of people across the globe, and getting together to celebrate (and cover) video games was a blast.

Fuck it, I am done. Thanks to everyone I met at PAX East, sorry to every cool game out there that I didn’t get to play. Big props to every developer out there who is making a cool game that I did get to play.


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